About Us

Our Goal

All of our departments, be it Customer Service, Sales, Technology, Support, Finance, or Content, work together to reach our goal of providing a program that gives educators the tools they need to ensure their students succeed. We apply our countless years of experience in assessment and educational technology to provide customers with responsive products and services to meet this end.

Our Promise

ROSworks commits and prides itself on providing a superior assessment platform for educators across the country. Ensuring student growth and achievement remains our top order of business. ROSworks, along with its highly driven, dedicated and professional staff, promise to do everything within our power to ensure that all of our clients needs and expectations are continually met and exceeded.

Our Results

Our job is to develop tools to assess and track student progress, so we can help you better measure your schools’ performance—and ultimately our own. Schools and districts utilizing our program consistently outperform those districts that forego our aid. Our program fosters academic growth amongst students and educators alike, and as such, ROSworks and, more importantly, its clients continue to flourish and grow.

Our History

ROSworks' roots run deep in the field of education.

Created in 2002, ROSworks has in-depth knowledge of the education sector that only a company so long-founded could acquire, and expands upon that ten-fold in the combined experience of its founder and employees. Owner and creator, Dr. David E. W. Mott worked at the Virginia Department of Education for nearly twenty years within the student testing division. While there, he was Supervisor of Test Development - in charge of developing the first two editions of the SOL tests - and Virginia State Assessment Program (VSAP) Administrator, among other duties and positions. After this, Dr. Mott furthered his experience in the industry as a 50% partner and creator of the premium test content delivery company, Tests for Higher Standards, which he has continued to maintain for over 15 years. Alongside him, David has employees with over 100 years of combined educational experience to further enhance ROS’ educational expertise.

ROS was originally conceived to produce a plain-paper scanning, scoring, and web-based reporting system for use in conjunction with high quality testing material such as TfHS assessments. As ROS continued to grow, new products were developed and released—such as our online testing engine, Test Editor, multiple online testing environments, and Technologically Enhanced Item-types. Today, ROS continues to provide the same friendly atmosphere, service and products its customers have come to rely on, while maintaining a commanding position as a pioneer in educational assessment technology.